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[QTalks Ep.4]

Water Quality and the Impact of Digital Innovation


The impacts of climate change on water are often cited in regards to availability: whether too little (drought), or too much (flooding). Yet, how is climate change impacting water quality?

From wildfires, algal blooms and contaminants of emerging concern, water utilities are facing increasing challenges. What role will digitalization, for example the increase in sensors and data, have on water treatment? Is democratizing access to water quality sensors and data good for the industry?

Join this latest QTalks with environmental journalist Tom Freyberg, to hear from experts as they help to cut through the hype with examples of innovation in water quality management.

  • Andrew DeGraca, Water Quality Division Director at San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
  • Jan Vreeburg, Principal Scientific Researcher at KWR Watercycle Research
  • Heather Collins, Water Treatment Manager at the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

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