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Introduction to sustainability in water services

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Why take this course?

Our planet is facing a water crisis, and how we develop our water services today is critical to a water-secure, sustainable tomorrow. Whether you’re a student, utility manager, engineer, consultant, or simply someone interested in what efficient urban water use looks like, this course is your first step to building your own awareness of sustainable water services.

What’s a MOOC?

A MOOC (/mu:k/) is a Massive Open Online Course. The goal of MOOCs are to serve millions of people around the world with flexible, quality education, for free. Qatium worked with Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) to create this MOOC, Introduction to sustainability in water services, so people interested in the topic have a flexible way to learn more about sustainable water services without the barrier of cost.

What can you expect from this MOOC?

This course offers you a global view of water service challenges in the 21st century, including the impacts of population growth and climate change, and the methods that can help us achieve sustainable water services, so water scarcity does not become a global problem. The course explores how open digital water management tools like Qatium can help water utilities address water issues today and in the future. Learn more from your host, Enrique Cabrera, in this video.

Course outline: What’s included?

1.1 The human right to water

1.2 The challenges for water utilities

1.3 Agenda 2030 – Sustainable Development Goals

1.4 In search of resilience

2.1 The use of water

2.2 Urban water services

2.3 The urban water balance

2.4 Authorized water consumption

2.5 Actual losses

2.6 Apparent losses

2.7 Economics of urban water

2.8 Efficient water consumption

2.9 Water reuse

3.1 Introduction to water-energy-food Nexus

3.2 Energy problems of city networks

3.3 Energy solutions

4.1 Digital water

4.2 Qatium’s platform

4.3 Practical exercises

*Please note that currently this MOOC is available in Spanish only, but it will be available in English shortly.