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The water management platform that brings teams together

The water management platform that brings teams together

Give your planning and operations teams a clear and actionable view of their water network.

Product tour

Give your planning and operations teams a clear and actionable view of their network.

Product tour

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Orchestrate your GIS data sets, hydraulic models and real-time sensors like never before.

Orchestrate your GIS data sets, hydraulic models and real-time sensors like never before.

Data Management

AI-Assisted Data Management

Enrich GIS data and validate hydraulic models. Visualize and share your network in 3D.

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Real-Time Simulations

Run real-time operational scenarios and assess network resilience.

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Open Roadmap
and APIs

Open Roadmap and APIs

Build or extend your apps with Qatium’s APIs. Upvote features and get them on the roadmap.

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The water management platform your team will love

A range of experts we co-create with

Qatium has the ambition and opportunity to democratize water intelligence. And they have what it takes to make it happen.

William SarniFounder and CEO at Water Foundry

Qatium provides water managers with the tools they need to optimize water systems and meet the challenge of climate change.

Jeffrey KightlingerFormer GM of The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

With Qatium, operators can better understand network behavior, optimize system performance, and ensure continuity and resilience by proactively protecting assets and communities.

Dragan SavicCEO at KWR Water Research Institute. Professor of Hydroinformatics at the University of Exeter

The water sector is going through a paradigm shift and digitalization is at the center of that. Qatium enables this transformation while introducing transparency and promoting equitable access.

Newsha AjamiDirector of Urban Water Policy at Stanford University

Qatium offers a free, fully comprehensive, digital platform for water and wastewater; I'm confident it will revolutionize the way services are managed around the world.

Enrique CabreraVice President at International Water Association

Qatium can change the way water is managed today and achieve water security for everyone.

Hassan AboelngaVice Chair of the Middle East Water Forum and Researcher

Qatium helps utilities make their water distribution systems more efficient and resilient.

Pilar ConejosHead of Water Network Control at Global Omnium

Making data available for the effective use of water resources is a critical effort, especially in fragile states and conflict-affected areas. Qatium makes a transformative difference for that problem.

David KilcullenPresident and CEO at Cordillera Applications Group, Inc.

Actionable data is fundamental for smarter, sustainable and resilient water systems. This is exactly what Qatium is about.

Tom FreybergFounder and Director of Atlantean Media

Water resources should be open to everyone and we should build this future together. That's why I’m with Qatium.

Elisa StefanEnvironmental Engineer and Researcher
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A Simple Interface

The most user-friendly software in the water industry. No IT expertise required.

Free and Accessible

Say goodbye to software headaches and hello to continuous updates.

An Open Community

Join a group of hydraulic modeling, GIS and IoT experts from around the world.

Secure by design

Robust systems, processes and procedures to keep your data secure and private at all times.

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An open roadmap

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What we do now will have a direct impact on our future. If we don’t deal with Day Zero, water scarcity will affect more than half of the world’s population by 2025. Visit our advocates page and find out what you can do about it.

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Inside Qatium

Inside Qatium


The Role of a Utility Operator

The Role of a Utility Operator Over the previous eight episodes of QTalks, we’ve looked at high-level topics such as cybersecurity, digital twins, and water…
November 17, 2022

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Join water professionals, GIS experts and hydraulic modelers from around the world.