Accessible digital

We support relief & development work for communities in need.
Our free solution underpins water infrastructure projects
in areas impacted by conflict or the climate crisis.

How we support relief & development projects

How we support relief
& development projects

Digital replica

Build a digital replica of
water systems with GIS alone

Network warnings

Get alerts to water network
issues  and react fast


Test planned network changes
virtually before physically

Find your use case

Leak & water theft detection

Be alerted to unwanted water loss in networks. Get warnings about anomalies from leaks, bursts or water theft, and avoid supply interruptions.

Water quality monitoring

Analyze & predict the level of chemicals in a network.
Pinpoint where to add chlorine to ensure the delivery of safe
drinking water at all times.

Project handover

Enable smooth transitions to local partners. Fast
onboarding with easy-to-use software and continued network monitoring.

Stakeholder reporting

Justify funding with detailed KPIs about network performance. Make sure service-level agreements are maintained over time.

Why Qatium


No modeling or tech
experience needed


Up-and-running in minutes,
all core features for free.


Manage complex projects
with multiple partners.