Terms and Conditions


These terms and conditions regulate the access and use of qatium.app and qatium.com (hereinafter, “Qatium” or the “web application”).


1. Legal Information

Owner Deep Tech Solutions, S.L (hereinafter, QATIUM)
Tax identification number B44539096
Address Calle Trinidad, 75 – 12002 Castellón
Enrollment Registro Mercantil de Castellón, T 1813, L 1373, F 217, S 8, H CS 43060, I/A 1
Email [email protected]


2. Acceptance

When you access this web application, you accept the content of the Terms and Conditions, together with the Privacy and Cookies Policy, and you agree not to use it for any illegal, illicit activities or contrary to these terms and conditions.

18 years old is established as the minimum age for the use of this platform. In the event that you are a minor, your parents, guardians or legal representatives will be responsible for your actions, or the consequences derived from them.


3. Service Description And Information

This web application handles information related to water infrastructure, consumption and footprint, and is aimed at the client-company, in SaaS mode.

This platform allows access to the water distribution and sanitation networks, as well as viewing hydraulic models, understood as the mathematical models used to understand and predict the expected behavior of the water network. For it:

  • The user has to upload a geographic or hydraulic model (EPANET or GIS).
  • The hydraulic model is calculated for the specific geographic area.
  • The software offers visualization of the result with representation of the water pressures in various units (mwc and psi), so that the meters of water column (mwc) is used for its measurement, corresponding to the meters that the water would lift. These visualizations are not real: they are based on theoretical data from the hydraulic model.

Hydraulic model calculations are set by Qatium, but can be viewed and inputs changed by the user.

Two ways of creating those inputs are offered:

  • With Qatium model build tools, once the user uploads their GIS files.
  • From the user’s own modeling platform, which will have to be uploaded and Qatium will continue to use it.

To simulate the hydraulic model, the networks can be real or drawn, and filters can be used to visualize them according to GIS levels or types of pipes.

In addition, Qatium offers a functionality based on sensors that give real values ​​of the water that passes through the pipes, showing the information that comes from said sensor.

Qatium will take on completing the necessary data that the user does not provide at the time they upload (such as pipe crossings, or the demand for water assigned to an area).

Users have the option of sharing data with other users, in order to prevent the same company-client from repeatedly uploading the same networks. To carry out its control, a unique ID will be established per company-client.

The networks uploaded by a user will only be accessible to him, or to those with whom he shares them with, so that the data will be safe. In any case, Qatium reserves the right to use this data from uploaded networks, with the sole purpose of improving the operation of the system.

For more information, you can consult: https://qatium.com/quick-start


3.1. Registration

For registration, the user is asked for their email address, in order to send a code to it, which will be random and single use.

Once registered, with the email the user can directly access the platform, in which there are:

  • Networks already imported.
  • The option of uploading the network itself “dragging” the GeoJSON and Shapefile files, for which the user must be enabled and have the necessary permissions to use the data he is uploading.


4. Intellectual And Industrial Property

Qatium reserves all its intellectual and industrial property rights, so that the content and information of this web application (images, texts, etc.) are its property or have the necessary authorizations for its use.

Any modification, reproduction, copying, distribution or any other form of exploitation for commercial or equivalent purposes of the content and information collected on this platform is expressly prohibited. Any other use of the content or information will require the prior written consent of Qatium.


5. Licence Usage

The use of Qatium allows to collect, process and manage, in a virtual and responsible way, the data that users provide.

Qatium has a non-exclusive license on the personal information provided, with the following limitations:

  • The license will end when users delete their data or information.
  • The consent from the users will be necessary in case Qatium wants to grant third parties the right to use their content. You can find the list of the third parties we work with in section 8 of the privacy policy.


6. Ownership Of Data And Privacy

Ownership of the data and information collected in Qatium correspond only to users. Qatium will only access them for the sole purpose of providing the service in the best possible way. Qatium will not be using the data and information for a purpose other than providing the service unless with the express consent of the owners.

In the event that the data is communicated to third parties, it will be done for purposes directly related to the provision of the service, or when required by law.

For more information on the processing of personal data, you can check our Privacy Policy.


7. Guarantees

We guarantee that the services offered will be in accordance with their description, with the following limitations:

  • All implicit guarantees and conditions will be valid only while the service offered is available, to the extent permitted by law.
  • It does not cover problems caused by accident, abuse or use of the services in a way that is incompatible with what is offered, or that arise from events that are beyond our reasonable control.
  • It does not apply to periods of downtime or other access interruptions.


8. Security And Limitation Of Liability

Qatium will adopt the necessary measures to ensure the integrity of the available service, and of the data and information collected, but will not be responsible for what happens beyond its control.

In case of being redirected to other websites or third-party platforms, Qatium will not be responsible for what happens through browsing.

This web application is available in several different languages. Qatium is not responsible in the event that the user does not understand these languages, nor for the consequences that may derive from their lack of understanding.

To the extent permitted by law, Qatium is not responsible for improper or reckless use by users.


9. Disclaimer

When users upload data to the web platform, they must be authorized for said action and they must not upload personal data. Qatium will not be responsible for the breach of these conditions, nor for the consequences derived from it.

Hydraulic model calculations are set by Qatium, but can be viewed and inputs changed by the user. Qatium will not be responsible for changes or modifications produced by the user, nor for the consequences thereof.

The visualizations are based on theoretical data from the hydraulic model, but are not real, and the resulting data are only simulations and forecasts. Qatium does not ensure its full fit with practical reality.

Qatium is not responsible for the misuse or abuse of the web platform that it makes available to users. The client is responsible for the results obtained from the use of the software, as well as the decisions made based on those results, obtained from the use of the software and its functionalities.

The client may share information with other users. Qatium can access the data provided by the user, but will not be responsible for the use that is given to them as a client.

Qatium guarantees, as far as possible, the availability of the service for the duration of the contract, provided that there are no external causes or force majeure that prevent it.

It is the sole responsibility of the client to have adequate devices or technology for the use of the software, in addition to the security or reliability of the hardware or technical resources to access the software that is the object of the contract.

Qatium will not be responsible in the event of temporary or permanent piracy of the software, nor will it be responsible for circumstances beyond its control, when access to it is not possible.

Qatium cannot be held liable for damages and/or problems caused directly or indirectly as a result of the use of the software.

Qatium does not guarantee that the operation of the software will be free from errors, but undertakes to make every effort to correct them.

The software is a tool subject to the use of the client, which is why they are responsible for the fulfillment of its obligations.


10. Modifications And Nullity

Qatium reserves the right to update and modify these Terms and Conditions of use, together with the Privacy and Cookie Policy, without prior notice, so it recommends reading them each time you access or use this web application.

In the event that any clause is declared totally or partially null or ineffective, said nullity or ineffectiveness will only affect it, the other conditions subsisting and the provision being affected by not being put.


11. Applicable Legislation And Competent Jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions, and the Privacy and Cookie Policies, will be interpreted and governed in accordance with Spanish legislation. In case of controversy, it will be resolved through an Equity Arbitration of the Court of Arbitration of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Castellón, with the express waiver of any other jurisdiction that may correspond, unless expressly provided by law.

Spanish national authorities ensure European regulations, decisions and directives are correctly applied and incorporated, but given the case any Spanish disposition can be applied, European legislation will apply.


12. Contact

In case of doubt, suggestion or clarification, please contact Qatium: [email protected].