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[QTalks Ep.2]

Abundance in Times of Scarcity: Water Strategy in the US


With the “once-in-a-generation” Infrastructure Deal in the US set to unlock a wave of much needed infrastructure rehabilitation and upgrades, will it be enough to make America’s water great again?

Join environmental journalist Tom Freyberg, Founder of Atlantean Media, on a discussion with international water experts on water strategy and availability in the US.

What will be the role of digital tools, including AI and remote sensing technologies, to help not only on water availability but drive democratized access to data on quality?

Hear from our panel of experts on these pressing challenges and more.

Our host Tom Freyberg was joined by three thought leaders from the advisory board of Qatium:

  • Felicia Marcus, Former Chair, California State Water Resources Control Board
  • Jeffrey Kightlinger, Former General Manager, The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
  • Will Sarni, Founder and CEO, Water Foundry

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