Welcome to Qatium’s Summer product update.

This summer’s product update brings you faster ways to search and find assets in your system, so you can stop wasting time searching and jump right into running scenarios and taking action. What’s more, you can now share networks individually with your partners & stakeholders (instead of only being able to share workspaces).

You also won’t want to miss out on our latest episode of Distilled and our new whitepaper on water management and communications.

What’s new?

  • Easily locate assets in your network with the new asset search.
  • Get suggested isolation valves or search for alternative valves when you perform a shutdown scenario, and quickly locate alternative supply valves when you run a watermain shutdown scenario.
  • Share individual networks with your collaborators & stakeholders – shared networks are labeled with a badge so everyone can easily identify them.

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Share individual networks — our Spotlight

Now you can share networks individually with your partners and stakeholders. Your shared networks are labeled with a badge, so network owners and recipients can easily identify them.

Find alternative valves and supply when performing watermain shutdown

You can now easily identify isolation valves in the watermain shutdown panel and determine alternative valves if those are inoperable. Likewise, when you’re simulating a shutdown, you can now quickly pinpoint alternative supply valves to resupply an area. In the shutdown panel, you’ll also find property-level impacts of the shutdown: customers who will definitely face interruptions and those that could benefit from an alternative supply. Check out this explainer video.

Easily find assets using asset search

You can now easily locate assets in your network by using the asset searcher. Simply select the magnifying glass and type the asset ID you’re looking for.

What’s next?

As an open platform, we’re pleased to share what the team is currently working on. Vote on the features you want to see on Qatium’s Roadmap.

Water balance

Soon, you’ll be able to see flow balances per District Metered Area (DMA) or network wide. Using live data to look at water volumes produced and how they flow through the network, Qatium will make calculations of the resulting diurnal patterns, consumption data and non-revenue water (NRW) within the model.

Threshold or out of range warnings

We’re working on giving users the option to define a series of thresholds and/or desirable ranges of operation for any sensor in the network. Then, a warning will be triggered if any values exceed or drop below the predefined range, giving you insight into frequency of occurrence and duration of out-of-range events.

Automatic network sectorization

Qatium will soon propose optimal divisions for District Metered Areas (DMAs) and sectors, based on your network data and results.

SDK coming soon — Let’s build the digital water cycle, together

Qatium has some exciting developer tools and resources in the works, including an SDK, so you can build on, extend, and integrate with our water management platform. Follow our progress by subscribing to updates on our new DevTools page.


We co-create Qatium with industry experts from the water sector, and every week we share their perspective on key topics and challenges facing water utilities. Below are some of the recent highlights.

Communications & water management — how utilities can communicate better

Want to upgrade your communications practices and nurture better, lasting relationships with your customers? Be sure to check out our latest whitepaper, where you’ll hear from communications experts in the water industry and beyond about:

  • Why utilities need to shift from transactional communications to relationship building, and how to do it.
  • Harnessing the power of storytelling in the water sector.
  • How water utilities can build internal and external trust using social media.
  • How to leverage “community nodes” to improve public perception.

You can also check out QTalks, Episode 15 on the same topic.

Distilled — Conversation with Dave Johnson

Curious what it’s like to manage water operations in southern Nevada, including Las Vegas, water sector? Don’t miss out on our series: Distilled — conversations with water leaders. In this summer’s episode, your host Will Sarni talks with Dave Johnson, about how Dave ended up working in water and his thoughts on the challenges facing the industry and what it means to be part of the solution. 

What do you think?

We’d love to hear your feedback on our update and Qatium’s water management platform. Contact Q to share your thoughts.

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