Whitepaper: executive summary

This paper is a valuable resource for water utilities who want to upgrade their communications practices, so they can nurture better, lasting relationships with their customers. 

You’ll hear from communications experts in the water industry and beyond who have challenged the status quo of largely impersonal, transactional relationships between utilities and customers, and witnessed the benefits.

They share inspiring stories, value-packed best practices, and insightful recommendations for how you can overcome internal and external challenges and communicate better with your customers both in-person and online.

Learn how to build a “trust bank” with your customers. Explore using humor to humanize water work. Consider leveraging “community nodes” to shift perceptions about controversial changes. And think about how storytelling practices could transform perspectives and rally your customers around the value of water.

Water utilities of all sizes will find ideas in this paper that they can implement now to lessen customer apathy, misunderstandings, and even hostility, and at the same time cultivate more creative, fun, and meaningful communications with customers over the long term. 


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