Welcome to Qatium’s Spring product update.

As always, new features & advances to our water management platform are ready for your feedback! There are now warnings for flow & pressure anomalies in your network, allowing operators to streamline daily operations further.

You also won’t want to miss our brand new series: Distilled — conversations with water leaders. Hosted by Will Sarni, we kicked off proceedings with our first guest Sergio Campos, Chief Water & Sanitation Division at the Inter-American Development Bank. 

We also released a whitepaper on all things AI, helping utilities with the basics, the latest tools, and what to think about when deploying AI solutions. 

What’s new?

  • Warnings for flow & pressure anomalies
  • Easy import of historical recordings
  • Visualize water age in your network

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Warnings for flow & pressure anomalies — our Feature Spotlight

Get alerted when unusual flow or pressure is detected in your network. Using historical data as a comparison, Qatium identifies networks with anomalies, highlighting them in the workspace view for easy discovery. Click on a network with issues to go directly to the anomaly in question, then select the anomaly to review deviations from normal levels.

Easy import of historical recordings (CSV)

Verify your model accuracy and replay past incident responses by importing your historical data with a simple drag-and-drop. Identify new, more efficient ways to solve incidents or recreate previous network conditions.

Visualize water age in your network

Qatium now supports and displays water age, so upload your water quality model now! Test rezoning, backfeed, pump and valve operation options to bring the safest & freshest water to your customers.

What’s next?

As an open platform, we’re pleased to share what the team is currently working on. Vote on the features you want to see on Qatium’s Roadmap.

Individual network sharing

Teams can already collaborate better by creating and sharing workspaces of their networks (Not sure what a workspace is? Visit our Help Center for more details). Soon you’ll be able to easily share individual networks only — with stakeholders, partners & customers.

Importing customer points

We’re working on getting customer meters or points in Qatium. You’ll get an even clearer view of your network, right up to customers’ faucets.

Optimized water main shutdown simulations

With Qatium, you can already simulate shutdowns by confirming the right valves to isolate and the resulting customers affected. We’re optimizing this use case further so you can see the impacts beyond the junction level, right down to the customer level.


We co-create Qatium with industry experts from the water industry, and every week we share their perspective on key topics and challenges facing water utilities. Below are some of the recent highlights.

Distilled — conversations with water leaders

We kicked off our brand new series Distilled, hosted by Qatium advisor Will Sarni. During each episode, we’ll hear about the guest’s career, their take on challenges facing the industry, and their thoughts on what’s next for water. Distilled’s first guest is Sergio Campos, Chief Water & Sanitation Division at the Inter-American Development Bank.

AI & Water management — what utilities need to know

Ready or not, here AI comes! We released our first whitepaper on Artificial Intelligence in the context of water utilities. Expert contributors looked at:

  • What does the recent AI momentum mean for utilities big and small, and how can you take action?
  • What is AI, and what is it about AI now that makes it relevant to the water sector?
  • What kinds of AI applications exist now in water management, and how might we imagine them in the future? 
  • How can utilities take a measured approach to AI in their organizations?

Have you seen our latest product video?

If you haven’t signed in to Qatium for a while, you might be surprised to see quite how much the product has improved. Take a look at our latest promotional video for an overview.

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What do you think?

We’d love to hear your feedback on our update and Qatium’s water management platform. Contact Q to share your thoughts.

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