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[QTalks Ep.3]

The Digital Twin Journey: From Pioneers to Mass Adoption


Digital Twins are the talk of the town but how are they evolving? From the early adopters to the potential for mass adoption, how can the latest solutions help water companies cross the digital chasm?

By offering a virtual mirror of the physical world, digital twins are enabling water professionals to test the impact of changes before they are made.

Join this latest QTalks with environmental journalist Tom Freyberg, to hear from digital twin experts as they help to cut through the hype with examples of digital twin adoption and lessons learned. Hear insight into how far this digital aspiration can be pushed.

Hear from our panel of experts on these pressing challenges and more.

Our host Tom Freyberg was joined by three thought leaders:

Pilar, Biju and Gigi are arguably three of the world’s top experts when it comes to digital twins. Their discussion moved away from defining what a digital twin is or the benefits of what a digital twin can do for a water system and supply system to actually look at the evolution of digital twins and how the availability of new software tools and artificial intelligence can speed up a utility’s digital journey.

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