The water management
platform your team will love

Empower your team to identify inefficiencies,
improve network performance and ensure continuity of service

Manage your data and visualize your network in 3D
Augment GIS data and validate hydraulic models
Connect your SCADA and AMI data and deploy digital twins
Run operational simulations to optimize network performance
Share hydraulic models with team mates in the field
Encourage collaboration, training and knowledge sharing

What’s Qatium?

A Self Learning
Digital Assistant

Our Digital Assistant Q guides you through the app and helps you build accurate hydraulic models. 


A modern UI for all users. Turn dry GIS, SCADA and AMI data into actionable visualizations.

Powerful Simulation Capabilities

Model flows and pressure, plan shutdowns, new developments and changes in demand.


See what the team is currently working on and have your say on what gets built next.


Build, mix and extend your existing data and applications using Qatium’s APIs.

Free Forever Pricing

Use the app on your terms and upgrade to a paid plan when it makes sense for you.

Enrich your data and
validate your models

Augment your data and validate your models

Qatium bridges the gap between your GIS data and hydraulic models. If you have an existing hydraulic model, you can visualize your network’s behavior. If you have GIS data, you can build a hydraulic model from scratch.

Get Started
in Minutes

Machine learning and natural language processing capabilities interpret your GIS and hydraulic data. We support InfoWater, WaterGEMS and EPANET users to run their models directly in Qatium.

An Interface
for Everyone

The industry’s cleanest user interface. Run actionable 3D visualizations of your networks. Understand how your reservoirs, tanks, pumps, pipes, nodes, valves and sensors behave in real-time.

Augment your topological data

Qatium completes missing data using the EROS (USGS/NASA) Landsat catalog, MODIS, Sentinel-1 and NAIP data-sets.


In the absence of demand data, Qatium applies global machine learning models to to estimate demand patterns across your distribution network.


Learn not only for your  model, but from all other models. Global and local machine learning models operate under the scenes to give you greater accuracy.


All Use Cases

Model flows and pressure

Visualize flow and pressure data at any given time or day. Break them down by trunk or zone

Manage water shutdowns

Find the valves to isolate, see the customers impacted, and identify alternative supplies

Simulate demand spikes

Induce high flows rates to ensure adequate pressure and fire protection

Plan new developments

Increase local demand in any given area and plan new development projects

All Use Cases

Meet Q, your new
Digital Assistant

Q is a self learning digital assistant. Her machine learning capabilities allow her to automatically adjust and correct your models, even when your data is incomplete or incorrect.

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A water management platform built for
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A Water Management
Platform built for
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