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Welcome to Qatium’s product update, Summer edition.

Your guide for the latest features and updates is Nora González, Qatium product designer. Keep reading after the video for full details.

We also heard from experts Will Sarni and Newsha Ajami. Will challenged the water industry’s prevailing narrative on climate change, while Newsha encouraged utilities to rethink their water systems for future water challenges. Learn more below.

Adjust settings for regulation valves

Users can now change the set point of Pressure Reducing Valves (PRVs), Pressure Sustaining Valves (PSVs) and Flow Control Valves (FCVs) to run different operational scenarios. Simply click on a valve and adjust the value as appropriate. This will increase operational efficiency, accelerate emergency response time, and reduce customer minutes lost during planned network operations.

Adjust valve settings in Qatium

Update model with consumption data

You can now send Qatium live data (AMI / AMR) to update your model, improve its accuracy and reduce operational risk. When consumption data is available, the demand at each junction in Qatium will match the consumption in the physical network, while also adjusting the behavior of the model to reflect reality. Contact Q to request an API token to connect your AMI/AMR data now.

Faster simulation results

Qatium power users should have noticed that it’s much quicker to make operational changes to a network, even large ones. Hopefully this will save you time in your busy day!

What’s next?

As an open platform, we’re pleased to share what the team is currently working on. Vote on the features you want to see on Qatium’s Roadmap.

Synoptic view

To give users a high-level view of all their DMAs and most important assets, we’re working on a Synoptic view. Users will be able to switch from the Map view to visualize asset statuses, review simulation & real-time values (and any deviations) at a glance, and even try operational scenarios.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Soon you’ll be able to access Qatium using your identity provider, helping you to better comply with your IT security policies. Add Qatium to your existing smart water portal, platform or intranet.

Multiple scenario changes at once

Work is still ongoing on saving time when running scenarios with multiple network adjustments. You’ll be able to interact with any asset in the model, even when the simulation results of other adjustments are loading.

What else is going on?

We shared expert content from Qatium advisors, Will Sarni and Newsha Ajami. Watch Will and Newsha share their thoughts on the climate change narrative and reimagining existing water systems, or skip to the blog for the full write-up.

Challenging the Water Industry’s Prevailing Narrative on Climate Change

Is “Net Zero” a distracting buzzword for the water industry? Should utilities be more concerned with their handprint than their footprint?

Watch Will Sarni, Founder & CEO at Water Foundry, challenge how the water industry is embracing the general narrative of the climate change movement. He argues that while such a simple narrative is undoubtedly compelling, it is problematic for the water industry.

Read the full article here.

Reimagining water systems of “today” for future challenges

“There is an opportunity for us to rethink and reimagine our water systems.”

Watch Newsha Ajami, Chief Strategy and Development Officer for Research at Berkeley Lab Earth and Environmental Sciences Area (EESA), share her thoughts on how water utilities and water managers should think beyond conventional infrastructure and networks, in order to face future challenges.

Read the full article here.

Previously on Qatium

In case you missed last month’s update, we made further API enhancements, simplified adding members to Shared Workspaces, and improved pump operations.

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