Welcome to Qatium’s Fall Product Update.

As always the team is excited to share the latest features and updates to our Water Management Platform. In our Feature Spotlight we highlight Synoptic view, a new way for Qatium users to get a high-level overview of their network (much like that of an operator’s view in a control room).

We also released some fantastic expert content from Qatium experts, including Dragan Savic‘s perspective on how a utility’s tech stack should look in the future, along with our latest QTalks on cybersecurity.

What’s new?

  • Synoptic view
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Multiple scenario changes at once

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Synoptic view — our Feature Spotlight

To visualize or perform large scale scenarios, an alternative to Map view is the Synoptic view. It gives a high-level view of your network, showing how it’s all interconnected, similar to an operator’s view in a control room. You can access this view from the Network view panel and the impact of any changes in the Synoptic view can be seen on the Map view.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Now you can access Qatium using your identity provider, helping you to better comply with your IT security policies. Add Qatium to your existing smart water portal, platform or intranet.

Multiple scenario changes at once

We’ve sped up the time it takes to run scenarios with multiple network adjustments. You can interact with any asset in the model, even when the simulation results of other adjustments are loading.

What’s next?

As an open platform, we’re pleased to share what the team is currently working on. Vote on the features you want to see on Qatium’s Roadmap.

Intelligent flushing

We’re working on optimizing the existing flushing capabilities. You’ll be able to understand risks of turbidity and water quality. It will also be simpler to determine if a set of pipes has reached the target velocity. You’ll save time, but also water by planning optimized unidirectional flushing.

Even simpler model build

We’re also streamlining the model import and build process. We’re making our model building engine smarter, improving the automatic property detection. What’s more, you’ll be able to easily update your networks with additional assets and asset information without having to upload everything all over again.

Highlighted new content

We co-create Qatium with industry experts from the water industry, and every week we share their perspective on key topics and challenges facing water utilities. Below are some of the recent highlights.

Building a futureproof tech stack for utilities of all sizes

The tech stack of the future will be very different from the tech stack that utilities relied on ten years ago. But what could — and should — a water utility’s tech stack actually look like in the future?

Dragan Savic, CEO of KWR Research Institute tells us what he thinks.

Learning from mistakes of existing water systems

“The Romans would recognize our water infrastructure.”

Will Sarni, Founder at Water Foundry, is back to consider how we might do things differently if we could reconstruct our existing water systems today. The age-old learning from one’s mistakes.

QTalks on Cybersecurity: Myths & Realities

Is cybersecurity the elephant in the room when it comes to a utility’s digital journey? We find out in this month’s QTalks episode on Cybersecurity: Myths & Realities.

With the implementation of digital solutions, utilities have more granular data and insights than ever before. But at what price? Water systems are potentially less secure with new technologies, such as digital networks, remote operations, real-time sensors, and data acquisition analytics.

What do you think?

We’d love to hear your feedback on the Fall Product Update and Qatium’s Water Management Platform. What do you like? How can we improve? What challenges can or should it help solve? Contact Q to share your thoughts.

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