Welcome to Qatium’s Fall product update! 

Check out the latest features and advances to our water management platform. Don’t forget to share your feedback — our community drives our open roadmap forward.

What’s new?

Jump straight into the job to be done with Work modes

Work modes keep Qatium’s platform easy-to-use, while giving operators a comprehensive set of tools for their daily work. Quickly adjust the Qatium interface for the job to be done: check network performance with Analysis or Synoptic modes; identify any issues in your network with Warnings mode; or start operational scenarios like Watermain shutdowns or Flushing sequences.

Boost model accuracy levels with Flow balance

No AMI? Only SCADA? No problem — Qatium now automatically updates network demand with Flow balance. This gives you high model accuracy levels for more confident decision making.

Quick overview of zones with DMA insights

Check how individual zones or district metered areas (DMA) are running with DMA insights. Simply hover over any zone or DMA and get quick insights like net flow, efficiency and minimum pressure values.

More ways to visualize your network with Satellite and Terrain view [Premium]

Understand the context of every single network operation with Satellite view. Switch from Map view to  Satellite view with the UI controls.

Collaborate better with optimized Workspace management [Premium]

It’s much easier to create, rename and delete workspaces to manage your networks and projects more efficiently. 

Stay in control with User permissions [Premium]

New admin users profiles help you to co-manage workspaces, for example to remove old employees or contractors. 

See only the assets you want with Asset type filter

Filter your map exactly as you want with additional filters. Simply add or remove assets with the UI controls and focus on what you need to. 

Adjust the thresholds for Warnings

Set your own thresholds for pressure, flow and tank levels so that warnings for network issues make sense for your systems.

Experience Qatium for yourself

Qatium is an open, easy-to-use water management platform. Experience these new features and updates for yourself: create a free account, build a model of your network in minutes, and you’re ready to go.

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