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This month we unveiled our platform to the public at Aquatech Amsterdam, published a new website, released a real-time API and lots of other exciting new features.

Most importantly, now all users can sign up to Qatium. And if you don’t have a model or GIS dataset to use in the app, you can download a sample model on our quick start page.

We’ve come a long way since we opened our early adopter program back in June of this year. None of this would have been possible without your input, support and feedback. Thank you!

What’s new?


Enhanced data management, a real-time API, new operational scenarios for fireflow analysis and new developments, model deviation calculations and more. New capabilities are released weekly.

Real-time API for SCADA and AMI data

Link your network to SCADA, AMI, sensor and other real-time data sources. Quickly validate and improve the accuracy of your hydraulic model. Request more info.

Demand spikes

The long awaited demand spike feature is out! See the impact of extra demand to a junction on your network for fireflow analysis, new developments and any other purpose.

spike demands

Automatic file allocation

Qatium now automatically detects the content of imported files and renders elements such as valves, nodes, wells, hydrants, meters and more.

Model accuracy and deviation

Get a global model accuracy score by comparing your model to live data. See deviations in values for flows, pressures and tank levels.

model accuracy and deviation

Demand pattern support

Upon popular request, now you can build more accurate models by importing your demand pattern zones using GeoJSON or shapefiles.

What’s next?


As an open platform, we’re pleased to share what the team is currently working on.
Vote on the features you want to see next.

Water main shutdowns

Know what valves you need to operate to isolate a pipe and what customers are impacted. Find out how to limit the number of customers without water and inadequate pressures.

Watermain shutdowns

Importing Network Controls

Import controls for valves and pumps using your GIS data and quickly improve the accuracy of your model.

Import controls

What else is going on?


We were very pleased to unveil our platform to the public at Aquatech Amsterdam.
Hear what experts had to say about Qatium.


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