Executive Director at NEOM

Gavin Van Tonder

Gavin is the Executive Director of Water at NEOM, a new region that’s under development in Saudi Arabia.

NEOM is a greenfield opportunity to showcase to the world how a water utility can generate water from the sea at the lowest cost possible while fully protecting, and even enhancing, the environment.

As Head of NEOM’s Water Sector, Gavin and his team are implementing leading edge, high recovery desalination and brine effluent treatment technologies for Zero Liquid Discharge. This includes the production of chemical and minerals for the development of end products such as magnesium, caustic soda, ECD and lithium.

Prior to NEOM, Gavin was the President for Water at Itron. Find out what he has to say about Qatium and why he believes the platform is able to help utilities around the world.

Gavin Van Tonder