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Software Developer

Qatium is a cloud based developer of digital water technology with roots in Valencia, Spain and a presence around the world. We are a product-led growth company working on the digital transformation of the water industry.

We are 100% remote and work 30h per week.

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What is Qatium?

Qatium is a SaaS solution created to analyze water distribution networks and help operators optimize their network performance. The objective: make the best use of a scarce and vital resource, water.

Up to 50% of clean water may get lost before it reaches the tap. Qatium’s mission is to create tools that can help in making the management of water infrastructure more efficient.

You can read more about Qatium at Also, you can take a test drive of our product at



What about Qatium’s challenges?

We have no choice but to innovate

Qatium is competing face to face against heavy desktop applications, but as a web application.

In order to succeed, we have to use the resources provided by the browser to their full potential. You will use technologies such as Mapbox and you will have to care about your code’s efficiency. Also, most of the app’s logic runs in the browser: there is no backend.

We’re building a completely new product, building the tools and frameworks that make Qatium possible.

We apply high quality engineering

Qatium is not a simple CRUD. You will face complex problems related to hydraulic simulation, handling GIS data and real-time graphical representation among others. Qatium is able to ingest and transform data from hundreds of sensors in real time.

Qatium needs to convey a lot of information simultaneously

We are building a single software package for users with different expertise levels inside the water industry. All of this, built over an interactive map. We learn from our users to provide them with the information they find more useful at every moment in time.

We are continuously discovering our path

Being a new product, our future is yet to be built. We have the responsibility of transforming our product vision into software that is useful for our users, relying on their feedback.

We participate in the whole product cycle

We are organized as a single autonomous product team, including people with different backgrounds and expertise levels.

What’s your part in this?

Here are some of the things you will be doing on a daily basis

  • Deliver new user stories practicing eXtreme Programming. You will work in pairs, deploy new versions of Qatium several times per day, apply test-driven development, etc.

  • Working in all parts of the application across the stack, from data processing to visualization, making full use of your unique expertise in any of the areas.

  • Deal with algorithms, graph theory, probability and statistics on a regular basis.

  • Collaborate with designers, hydraulic engineers, and team members of other disciplines to expand the product.

  • Participate in product definition sessions and workshops, shaping how Qatium will evolve.


How is it to be a product engineer at Qatium?

  • Flexible schedule
    • 30 hours per week, distributed in 6 hours per day, from Monday to Friday. Usually from 8:00h to 14:00h CET/CEST.

    • Our team is aligned in the CET/CEST timezone (UTC+1/UTC+2).

    • Flexibility in starting time (from 7:00h to 10:00h CET/CEST).

  • Professional growth
    • We organize study groups to learn together about different topics which will allow us to improve our product.

    • You will have a learning budget at your disposal which can be used to purchase books, course materials, attend conferences, etc.

    • We have a mentoring program available to help you grow in your career.

  • Crystal-clear salary ranges
    • There are three salary steps set by each team member’s impact on the product and the team.

    • Salary levels are 30.000€37.500€ or 45.000€ yearly (for 30 hours per week) depending on expertise level.

Diversity & Inclusion at Qatium

Our company is committed to bringing together individuals from different backgrounds and perspectives. We strive to create an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive, feel a sense of belonging, and do great work together.

We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer open to all qualified applicants regardless of race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability, gender identity or expression or any other legally protected status.


Job requirements

Who can join us?

  • You must be willing to work remotely

  • You must be able to communicate in English and Spanish in a working environment

  • At this time we are only able to provide official employment status to residents of Spain. All other candidates join our team as a part-time or full-time independent contractor and are responsible for paying any taxes or fees where they reside.

  • Some jurisdictions and countries have limitations on the ability for independent contractors to perform work for companies located in foreign countries. These laws might limit some candidates from joining our team.


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