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Software Developer

Qatium is seeking a Software Developer to join our team and help build a product that’s changing the water industry.

Who are we and what do we do?

Qatium is a SaaS company with the aim of creating tools to help improve efficiency in the management of hydraulic infrastructures.

What does this mean? Water is a scarce resource, and unfortunately, up to 50% of drinking water is lost before it comes out of your faucet. Qatium visualises and analyzes clean water distribution networks to help optimize their operation. The objective: to make the most of a vital but scarce resource: water.

You can read more about Qatium here.

What’s our product philosophy?

We organize ourselves into an autonomous product team, made up of about 25 people with different profiles and experience. We take care of everything from creating the backlog to measuring the impact of the solution once the functionalities are in production.

To do so, we follow the eXtreme Programming values (feedback, simplicity, communication, courage, respect), with practices such as TDD, pair programming, trunk-based development, continuous deployment, and the use of feature flags to obtain fast and constant cycles of feedback that provide continuous and valuable growth.

Which technical details are of note?

The main environment of execution is the navigator, and there are two key pillars from a technical point of view: one is data ingestion and transformation, and the other is information representation and analysis visualization.

In terms of visualization, we use GIS technologies (maps!), while putting special attention in showing the most relevant information, not just lots of data on the screen.

We put a lot of effort into the UX and UI — to highlight the most important elements, and make sure everything flows, even with loads of information.

How do we work?

From the very beginning, we have been sure of our pillars: conciliation, transparency and personal growth. For that reason, the schedules are not the traditional ones and we have organized ourselves to work 30 hours a week instead of the 40 usual hours.

The team is remote at first, but not completely asynchronous, since we usually work in pairs between 10am-2pm, and organize sessions when a joint sync is required.

Most of the team is based in Spain, but we work in a time zone UTC-4/UTC+ 4, speaking a mix of Spanish and English.

What is the renumeration for the role?

Salary is organized in a transparent way with three steps of 30k, 37,5k and 45k euros (annual, gross) for 30 hours per week, based on the experience you might have.

In addition to the monthly wage we have a personal budget for formation, which we use to go to conferences and to buy books, courses or material that might help us grow in our career path.

Who are you going to share your day with?

We are trying hard to build a diverse and inclusive environment, and inside the team you will find people growing at full speed (like SaraLluís or Sofía), more experienced team members (like Eduardo or Aitor) or others that wanted a career change (like Iris or Dani).

Also, you will find people who have helped create a Spanish unicorn (like VicenteÁlvaro o Miguel Ángel), and others (like NoraSandra o Sam) who, apart from working with Qatium, have their own side

Don’t be shy and get in touch with any of us!

What do we expect from you?

We are looking for people with a great learning capacity and interest in solving complex problems with great impact.

We expect you to have experience in building web-based products, and ideally in all areas of the software development cycle, from creating user stories to system production support. Also, we expect you to share the eXtreme Programming values, and to be interested in the processes of continuous improvement, because they are an essential part of our team culture.

We believe in personal responsibility and teamwork, so we need you to know how to work cooperatively with others in a consensus system.

All the same, if you are interested in the position, do not hesitate to apply even though you may think that you do not meet all the requirements. We are looking for people that might be strong only in some areas, but have a strong interest and abilities for the rest.

Additionally, we do not tolerate any discriminatory, abusive or degrading behaviour.


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