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Welcome to Qatium’s product update for March.

This month we take a big step forward towards full team collaboration with Shared workspaces, streamlining workflows between modelers and operators. We also celebrate our product team’s hard-work by being listed as a G2 High Performer, all before deep-diving into water quality with industry experts in our monthly QTalks.

What’s new?

Improved visualizations, extended what-if scenarios for valve operations, automatic model updates from live data, and shared workspaces. Sign in to Qatium to experience the latest features; new capabilities are released weekly.

Here to walk you through this month’s update is our Director of Innovation, Luke Butler. You’ll find full details below the video with everything else that’s going on at Qatium, as well.

Improved visualizations

Understand the state & position of your valves with clearer color highlights and symbols. Quickly identify, shut or partially close valves within your network, zone boundary or pressure zone.

Valve operations

Extended what-if scenario capabilities by opening and closing valves in two clicks. Pressure zone management, flushing operations, pipe isolation, among other actions, have never been easier.

Automatic model update from live data

Tank levels are now automatically adjusted to keep your model closest to reality.

Shared workspaces

Collaborate with your team members and stakeholders by easily sharing your network. Streamline workflows between modelers and operators.

Access Qatium now to see these new features in your own network. And remember to get in touch with us to request your own Shared workspace.

What’s next?

As an open platform, we’re pleased to share what the team is currently working on.
Vote on the features you want to see on Qatium’s Roadmap.

Scenario Management

Compare what-if scenarios and understand their impact on your operations in just a few clicks.

Improved GIS import

Enhanced GIS data support for importing more robust models. Qatium will automatically understand the direction of pumps and valves.

Consumption data support

Your demand is now directly updated from your AMI or AMR data. Use this data to improve your model and reduce operational risks. To integrate your AMI/AMR data, visit our Help Center.

What else is going on?

From wildfires, algal booms and contaminants of emerging concern, water utilities are facing increasing challenges. What role will digitalization have on water treatment? Experts tackle this question in this month’s QTalks.

This month’s QTalk on Water Quality

The impacts of climate change on water are often cited in regards to availability: whether too little (drought) or too much (flooding). Yet, how is climate change impacting water quality?

Join this latest QTalks with environmental journalist Tom Freyberg, and experts from San Francisco Public Utilities Company, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, and KWR Watercycle Research. They’ll help to cut through the hype with examples of innovation in water quality management.

World Water Day

On March 22 we observed World Water Day. This year’s annual theme focused on groundwater, highlighting the importance of this invisible resource that we depend on so much. Here we consider the event’s origins and whether international days actually achieve their goals.

Our expert, Newsha Ajami, also explains how World Water Day is an opportunity for us to revisit our relationship with water, encouraging us to think about a circular economy where water is reused more efficiently.

G2 lists Qatium as a High Performer

Still less than six months after Qatium’s launch at Aquatech in Amsterdam, we were very proud to be listed by G2 as a High Performer. G2 is a software review site, where users share their experience to help peers make the right technology decisions.

As an open and collaborative platform, we act on feedback from users. Please leave a review at G2 so we can learn from your experience.

Expert of the month

Gavin van Tonder is the Executive Director of Water at NEOM, a new region that’s under development in Saudi Arabia.

NEOM is a greenfield opportunity to showcase to the world how a water utility can generate water from the sea at the lowest cost possible while fully protecting, and even enhancing, the environment.

As Head of NEOM’s Water Sector, Gavin and his team are implementing leading edge, high recovery desalination and brine effluent treatment technologies for Zero Liquid Discharge. This includes the production of chemical and minerals for the development of end products such as magnesium, caustic soda, ECD and lithium.

Prior to NEOM, Gavin was the President for Water at Itron. Find out what he has to say about Qatium and why he believes the platform is able to help utilities around the world.

See all the experts we’re working with to co-create Qatium.

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In case you missed last month’s update, we released demand spikes on multiple junctions, an Ingest API for SCADA, AMI & IoT data, detailed model deviation, etc.

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