Is desalination a viable solution to water scarcity?

Water scarcity is becoming a major problem globally. And the question is, how do we resolve it? Recently I looked at how digitalizing water utilities can help, here the focus is on desalination. Desalination as a viable solution for water scarcity has long been debated due to its energy-intensive processes and issues with brine as a byproduct. […]

Solving water scarcity through digitalizing water utilities

Water scarcity is a huge problem in the modern world, and one of the primary ways to address this growing challenge is to take opportunities to innovate using digital technologies.  Overall, the way we work with water needs to change — and one way to do this while tackling the causes of water scarcity is […]

Why aren’t Utilities Taking Action on Non-Revenue Water?

It’s estimated that a third of all produced drinking water is “lost” before reaching the customer. These losses include theft, tampering, and known usage without invoicing. Non-revenue water has been a critical issue for many years, yet the amount of non-revenue water isn’t decreasing. This is a huge problem for water networks, consumers, and utilities, […]